Deposit Guarantee Scheme

The deposit guarantee aims at providing coverage for unavailable deposits with banks, which are due and payable according to the applicable statutory and contractual conditions, but cannot be paid out in the event of default of the bank.

If the so-called "compensation case" occurs at a Liechtenstein bank (that is in an pre-existing contractual relationship with EAS) due to a debt moratorium or bankruptcy, the participants in the bank cell of the Deposit Guarantee and Investor Compensation Foundation PCC (EAS) are under the obligation to provide funds in order to enable EAS to pay out claims up to a maximum of CHF 400 million to eligible depositors as quickly as possible.

The deposits of individual private or corporate clients are guaranteed up to a maximum of CHF 100,000 or the equivalent of this amount in another currency. Deposits are all kinds of account balances as well as call money and time deposits. If a client has several accounts with a bank or if, in addition to his own account, he also owns a share in a joint account, the cap does not apply to each account individually but to all his accounts on a consolidated basis.

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